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Ponzi Automatic Doors

Ponzi workshop since 1927

Ponzi workshop since 1927

Ponzi workshop since 1927

Ponzi Automatic Doors

Ponzi workshop since 1927


PONZI assistance and after-sales services

Ponzi operates directly at a national level with its own assistance centers activated by the single call center and ensures the post-sales service of an automatic door with:

Direct assistance centers

Capillarity of own regional centers of specialized and exclusive assistance, employed by the post-sales office of the head office which deals exclusively with assistance with automatic doors; activated by the single call center.

Rapid response time

It is the winning choice of the assistance service of PONZI INGRESSI and is dedicated to offering total availability to the customer user. With the most suitable formulas we are able to satisfy the most complex requests for intervention times, we operate directly with specially equipped vans and complete with spare parts or through a network of highly specialized maintenance operations operating also abroad.

Professionalism and experience

It is the strong point of our organization. Diagnose the problem in advance, check the various components of the door system, automation and frames. Check the compliance of the automatic entrances with the safety regulations.

Maintenance contracts

Various types of maintenance contracts are studied, customized and offered in the best conditions for our products. customers. Some standard formulas are the basis of our proposals.

Contract type "eg" - extended warranty

This contract must be defined in the first months after the purchase, extends the contractual guarantee from 12 to 24 months, guaranteeing two annual control coupons maintaining free assistance and spare parts.

"CMK" type maintenance kasko contract

This contract can be defined in the years following the purchase and guarantees two annual control coupons, maintaining free assistance and spare parts.

Contract type "cmn" normal maintenance

It can be defined in the years following the purchase, it includes two annual control coupons, free labor, while spare parts are charged with a reduction on the price lists in force. The spare parts and materials used are counted and indicated in the report of work completion.

Annual checks and intervention times

The control coupons consist in checking, revising and adjusting all the mechanical movement parts, joints, hinges and locking devices, together with the control and tuning of the electric and / or electronic drive units.
The intervention and maintenance times indicate a period of time within which a PONZI technician will appear from the fault report. Intervention times are managed and programmed by PONZI on weekdays during normal working hours. Other types, special time slots or holidays are possible and will be agreed contractually according to specific needs.

Visits and duration of the contract

The contracts offer two annual control coupons according to the Bonus formula, that is programmed by us and / or available for customer intervention. Any further requests are charged as indicated on the contract. The maintenance contract has a duration of one year and is tacitly renewed annually and can be canceled by registered letter sent three months before the deadline.

Exclusions and payments

Services do not include damage or damage caused by: - causes external to manufacturing, such as lightning, flooding, impact or break-in, vandalism, etc .; - carelessness in use or tampering by personnel not authorized by PONZI, cleaning with unsuitable products; - components not of our manufacture and supply, failures not deriving from structural elements; - unregulated power supply and electrical systems not properly set up

In repair work classifiable in these types, as well as extraordinary maintenance interventions, the spare materials, the extra labor required will be notified on the end of work report and invoiced at the current price list or as indicated in the contract.