Ponzi T.O.S

Automatic ANTIPANIC Doors

Antipanic Automatic Sliding Doors

T.O.S. 1R - With 1 wing sliding

PONZI TOS 1 R is the linear automatic sliding door with a single movable door, with the antipanic device integrated in the vertical upright of the door.
The system is suitable for use in environments where the access or internal compartment door is required as an anti-panic safety exit according to current regulations.
The T.O.S. (Total Open System) allows the mobile door to be opened hinged, by manual pressure exerted in any point of the door, even in movement, completely freeing the doorway and thus allowing an easy escape route in situations emergency.
It is available with rounded Ponzi profiles of 50 or 30 mm with a reduced section with an adequate gasket system.



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Ponzi TOS 1R - 50 mm
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