Sliding Curved Doors


Circular door

Sliding Curved Door


Union of two RONDINA sliding doors

Sliding Curved Door

PONZI Depressed Arch

Depressed Arch sliding curved doors

Sliding Curved Door

Lowered Arch

Lowered Arch sliding curved doors

The curved Ponzi Lowered Arch sliding curved door of current design, does not clutter the entrance hall and allows the creation of highly valuable entrance architecture, embellishing the entrance and favoring the entry of high flows of people. 
The particularity of this entrance means that is in use at hotels, conference centers and company offices, allowing people to enter even with luggage and breaking down architectural barriers.
The curved automatic are offered in various types: Rondina with a semicircular shape, Ronda with a circular shape, while the Arc with a circumferiental sector with variable radius can be on customer specification,
The fixed curved doors are constructed with 50 mm steel profiles that give the door a self-supporting structure. The sliding doors, on the other hand, are constructed with extruded profiles in 20 mm aluminum wood. The composite bushes provide for the assembly of an automatic Lowered Arch curved door with a Ponzi linear sliding door, with glazed or blind connection elements. 



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