Automatic Drive

Automatic Sliding Drive

AS3 - Standard automation for sliding door

The new PONZI AS3 automation, evolution of the AS1, is completely renovated from the point of view of control electronics, power supply and other important components. More compact, more efficient, more complete and higher performing than the already excellent AS1, the new PONZI AS3 combines the latest technologies in terms of automatic door movement. It is smaller, making it optimal for any architectural setting. The control board is of the latest generation, complying with the most recent and strict Standards (EN 16005), for its high performance and maximum safety for the user. Uses innovative components and is developed with an architecture that meets the stringent safety standards (EN 13849-1). It has record-breaking reliability and silent movement, thanks to a sturdy and reliable German gear motor, a support and movement structure designed to cancel out vibrations and maximize quietness, with a highly efficient transmission system. Even more simple to install, wire and start with the new structure of the control board and the new guided wiring terminal panels: a real “Plug and Play” system.
The new AS3 is designed to be connected to all the latest generation control and safety sensors (EN 12978), meeting the most recent European regulations EN 16005 in terms of the higher level of safety in use. To prevent break-in, there is an electro-lock, electric shut-down of door wings and automatic closing system in the event they are forced. Each component has been redesigned and created with the most modern and reliable technologies so that the AS3 system is even more innovative and user-friendly, technological and adaptable, simple and safe, adapted to the various types of customer, to satisfy the widest ranges of automation: from shops to shopping centres.



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