Sliding Curved Doors


Circular door

Sliding Curved Door


Union of two RONDINA sliding doors

Sliding Curved Door

PONZI Lowered Arch

Lowered Arch sliding curved doors

Sliding Curved Door

Lowered Arch

Antipanic device for emergency exit

The automatic curved door Ponzi Lowered Arch T.O.S. with 2 movable doors + 2 semi-fixed doors is built with a sliding automatic system and equipped with the Ponzi antipanic system, with integral flapping of the doors (both mobile and semi-fixed), designed and produced for the specific installation on the street escape as any emergency and/or emergency exit. 
The curved movable doors, which can be opened by sliding during the normal operation of the door, can be opened with a simple push on the door towards the exit. 
The hinged opening of the curved mobile doors is possible with the doors in any position, even during normal sliding operation.
The breaking of the curved mobile doors inevitably causes the simultaneous breaking of the curved semi-fixed side doors. Also available is the solution with the only movable doors that can be opened by breaking and with fixed, glazed or brushed sides, blind or masonry. 


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